Optical Comparators

The industry’s most complete line of 14", 16", 24" & 30" optical comparators and video inspection systems, and they’re made in the USA.

Over 70 years ago, SCHERR-TUMICO led the way in selling American Industry on the usefulness of the optical comparator. Now we offer the most complete line of 14", 16", 24" & 30" optical comparators available. You can choose from more models with more features than ever before, and a complete range of Video Inspection Systems. With S-T, you get the exact system you want without paying for more than you need.

All S-T Optical Comparators and Video Inspection Systems include a long form certification to NIST, stating the linear accuracy of the stage in X & Y axis, the squareness of the stage and the optical accuracy with each magnification lens ordered with the unit. Our prices include installation at your facility, training your operators and a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

NOTE: Warranty on computers is manufacturers’ warranty.


Optical Comparator Models
Remanufactured Optical Comparators
Console Bases
M2 Touch Screen Controls
Quadra-Chek® Digital Readouts
Sealed Image® Comparator Charts and Screens
Comparator Calibration Kits
Fixtures For Horizontal Beam Comparators
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