M2 Touch Screen Controls

M2 Touch Screen Controls


M2 Touch Pad Dimensional Measurement Digital Readout for Optical Comparators with the Windows® Operating System

The easiest and fastest to use Digital Readout System for optical comparators on the market today.


Features of the M2 Measuring Solution

  • Designed for Multi-Touch software control: In addition to conventional mouse interface, the expanded Multi-Touch logic allows for versatile pan and zoom of the active part view with a pinch, swipe, or press.

  • Advanced crosshair probe toolbox: For Optical Edge enabled systems, both "simple" and "auto edge" crosshair probes are available. The "auto edge" probe captures points on edges automatically. The M2’s industry first EdgeLogic™ system (Optical Edge enabled systems only) enables gesture driven control of start and end measurement commands. Start and finish measurements quickly, without the need for direct software interaction.

  • Graphics-based "Part View" constructions: Generate popular construction types, likeDistances and Tangent Lines, from within the graphical part view itself.

  • Industry-leading support for additional tolerance conventions: Tolerances can be applied in the standard feature to feature fashion, or by using a more traditional "place tolerancing" system. Engineering drawings may indicate that all features reported to 2 significant digits will get one tolerance value, where all features reported to 3 digits will get another. The M2 software allows for the entry and application of universal tolerance values according to these feature resolution groupings.

  • Feature Detail Graphics: Individual feature views provide informative drawings displaying point cloud distributions, as well as nominal deviations, and tolerance results. Scroll through your measured features list from this view for a feature by feature display of Actual, Nominal, Tolerance, Deviation and Data Fit Type information.

  • Report Generation: Flexible reporting capability supports a range of application requirements, from simple to complex. Custom report headers, footers, and printout graphics can all be included as part of easily generated program playback routines, or simply printed, or exported as data files, on the fly.

  • Support for all current industry standard software methodologies for Stage and Optics calibration: Simple machine/optic calibration can be achieved using popular machine and optic correction methods. (LEC, SLEC, NLEC, Distance Calibration).

  • Industry leading Operating System platform: The Windows® operating system represents the current enterprise solution for personal computer based software operating systems. You gain the performance and reliability of a globally recognized software solution as part of your measuring machine package.