5600 Series
30" Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

5600 Series


This 30" floor model horizontal beam optical comparator provides the same performance and flexibility as our 2600, except with an erect image. The 5600 provides improved viewing due to its vertical screen. It features S-T's exclusive Gothic arch bearing ways which provide the best in accuracy and longevity.


  • High precision 9" x 12" measuring stage travel with .00005"/.001mm resolution precision glass scales. Optional 7" x 20" and 7" x 24" travels available.
  • Motorized X and Y axis with joystick control.
  • Choice of QuadraChek® or Metlogix digital readouts.
  • Optional 6-position power lens changer.
  • Hardened steel, chrome-plated workstage for long life and corrosion resistance.
  • Tungsten/halogen profile illumination for bright, sharp images at all magnifications.
  • Duplex adjustable surface illumination.
  • Digital screen protractor with readings to 1' or .01° with rotating steel ring.
  • Helix angle +/- 10° by swinging lamphouse.
  • Three 7" diameter wheels for portability.
  • Available CNC option.

Optional Magnification Lenses

  • 5x Magnification
  • 10x Magnification
  • 20x Magnification
  • 311/4 x Magnification
  • 50x Magnification
  • 621/2 x Magnification
  • 100x Magnification



  • 5600-series-specs-smallMeasuring Travel: 9" x 12" (225 mm x
  • 300 mm) Larger travels available
  • Work Table: 8" x 35", hardened steel, chrome-plated
  • Focus Travel: 3"
  • Allowable Work Load: 500 lb
  • Gothic Arch Hardened Steel Bearing Ways Stage Motion: Motorized 2-axis variable speed joystick
  • Measuring Stage Resolution: .00005"/.001 mm
  • Digital Screen Protractor: 1 min/.01° arc
  • Duplex Adjustable Surface Illumination
  • 30" Frosted Glass Screen: with 30-, 60- and 90-degree crosslines
  • Helix: +/- 10° by swinging lamphouse
  • Mounted on Three 7" Wheels for Portability
  • Electrical: 115 V, 60 Hz; other voltages available.

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Comparator and Readout Systems (5600 Series)

Catalog #Description
22-5600-01 5600 with QC 121 DRO
22-5600-02 5600 with QC 221 DRO
22-5600-03 5600 with QC 221E DRO with Edge Sensing
22-5600-04 5600 with QC 321E DRO with Edge Sensing
22-5600-05 5600 with QC 5215 DRO with Edge Sensing
22-5600-22 5600 with M2 DRO
22-5600-23 5600 with M2E DRO with Edge Sensing

Comparator and Readout Systems (5601 Series With 6-Position Lens Changer)

Catalog #Description
22-5601-01 5601 with QC 121 DRO
22-5601-02 5601 with QC 221 DRO
22-5601-03 5601 with QC 221E DRO with Edge Sensing
22-5601-04 5601 with QC 321E DRO with Edge Sensing
22-5601-05 5601 with QC 5215 DRO with Edge Sensing
22-5601-22 5601 with M2 DRO
22-5601-23 5601 with M2E DRO with Edge Sensing

CNC Comparator (5600/5601 Series)

CNC Motor Control Options include Joystick Control of Stage Motion and Fine Position Jog Knobs for Exact Positioning. Also includes Optical Edge Detection and CNC Motor Drive System for Automatic Measurement. QC321E DRO provides easy to use, basic programming control and fixed reporting capability. Includes all feature types (point, line, circle, arc, distance, angle and skew), tolerancing and single feature graphic display. QC5215 DRO is a PC based readout system with CAD-Like User Interface and Unlimited Feature and Part Program Storage. Features complete graphical part display, as well as comprehensive reporting capability.

Catalog #Description
22-5800-00 30" Comparator with QC 321E DRO with Edge Sensing
22-5800-01 30" Comparator with QC 5215 DRO with Edge Sensing
*22-5801-00 30" Comparator with QC 321E DRO with Edge Sensing
*22-5801-01 30" Comparator with QC 5215 DRO with Edge Sensing

*With 6 Position Motorized Lens Changer

Extended Travel Stage

Catalog #Description
22-2537-00 Extended Travel Work Stage with 8"X35" Chrome Plated
Top Plate with 20" Horizontal Travel
22-2537-24 Same as above except 24" horizontal travel

Magnification Lenses

Catalog #Description
22-2508-01 5X Magnification Lens
22-2501-00 10X Magnification Lens
22-2502-00 20X Magnification Lens
22-2505-00 31 1/4X Magnification Lens
22-2504-00 50X Magnification Lens
22-2506-00 62 1/2X Magnification Lens
22-2507-00 100X Magnification Lens

Staging Fixtures

Catalog #Description
20-0390-00 Right Angle Backing Plate
20-1005-24 Rotary Vise Fixture (Large)
20-2533-01 Stage Centers (Large)
20-2540-00 Vertical Glass Fixture (Small)
20-2541-00 Vertical Glass Fixture (Large)
20-3623-00 Concentricity Fixture 1.0" Capacity
20-3624-00 Concentricity Fixture 2.0" Capacity
20-3630-00 Rotary V-Block
20-3631-00 Rotary Vise Fixture (Small)
20-3632-00 Stage Centers (Small)
20-3633-00 V-Block with Centers
22-2535-00 **Tracer Attachment - 3"X3" Travel
20-3523-00 2"X2" Travel Tracer Attachment

**We recommend this item be purchased with comparator. If field installed, there is a service charge.

Options and Accessories

Catalog #Description
74-0008-30 Replacement 30" Glass Screen
22-3698-01 Profile Illumination Intensifier
22-5610-00 Curtain Canopy
48-7733-01 Keypad for QC 200
48-7786-01 Footswitch for QC 200
48-5442-00 Lamp, Surface Illumination S/N T980801 & Before
48-8088-00 Lamp, Profile Illumination S/N T980802 & After
48-8086-00 Lamp, Surface Illumination S/N T980802 & After
48-8022-00 Footswitch for QC 5000
74-0321-10 10" Glass Magnification Scale, Certified
74-0330-20 20" Glass Magnification Scale, Certified
74-0413-00 Ball Checker, Certified
74-0500-00 Stage Calibration Master, Certified

Long Life Bulb Upgrade Kits

The Following Kits are for 30" Comparators, S/N T980801 and Before. Includes New Long Life Tungsten Halogen Bulb, Complete Kit, Easy Installation.

Catalog #Description
22-3829-04 Profile Illumination Fan Kit
22-3934-04 Profile Illumination Kit (Must Be Ordered w/22-3829-0400)
22-3933-02 Surface Illumination Kit