Group 1 Drill and Wire Gages

Group 1 Drill and Wire Gages
25-0016-00 - Made in USA


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25-0014-00 American Standard Wire Gage for nonferrous metals Gages sheets, plates and wire made of non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, etc. Size range from 0 to 36. Decimal equivalents shown on reverse side. DISC
25-0015-00 U.S. Standard Wire Gage for sheet, plateiron and steel Gage is made to the recognized commercial standard in the United States for uncoated sheet, plate iron and steel, based on weights in ounces per square foot. Gage provides measurements from 0 to 36 on one face and shows decimal equivalents on reverse side. DISC
25-0016-00 1-60 Twist Drill and
Machine Screw Tap
Tells at a glance the correct size tap drill for machine screw tap in "NF" National Fine or "NC" National Coarse Thread series. Shows the correct body size drill to use. 60 sizes are shown with number and decimal equivalent of drill shown at each hole. DISC
25-0018-00 A to Z Alphabet
Drill Gage
Used to select or check drill sizes from "A" through "Z". Each gage hole is marked by letter size and its decimal equivalent from .234 inch diameter through .413 inch diameter. DISC 

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