Group 4 Universal Gage Lapping Machine

Group 4 Universal Gage Lapping Machine
Lapping Micrometer shown with 23-0114-00
Lapping Vernier Caliper shown with 23-0114-00


The Universal Gage Lapping Machine has been designed to lap flat the gaging surfaces of many types of gages. A special feature, available as optional equipment, allows this machine to “rapid lap” micrometer spindles.

The machine is designed for easy use and minimum maintenance. Constructed of steel, the machine table and cabinet are supported by adjustable feet. The rack for storing the extra lapping wheel and axle has been conveniently located in the lower part of the cabinet.

NOTE: A three-day training session conducted by S-T Industries, Inc. (St. James, MN) must be completed to guarantee success of the universal gage lapping machine. Customer is liable for travel and expenses to and from factory.

Standard Equipment

2  hardened V blocks
1  extra-long V block
1  flatness checking fixture
1  wheel dresser
4  level screws
1  lapping wheel 7" dia. x 3/4" cast iron
1  1/4" horsepower motor
1  set Allen wrenches


  • Micrometers and snap gages to 24" without extensions—special holding extension for larger sizes is available
  • Calipers to 72"
  • Lapping finish of better than two light bands


Catalog #DescriptionPrice
23-0083-00 Universal Gage Lapping Machine $11,464.65
23-0114-00 Lapping wheel dresser (recommended purchase with Cat. No. 23-0083-00 for proper maintenance) $2,304.70 
23-0091-00 Disc and mill micrometer lapping fixture $303.15 
23-0104-00 Snap gage lapping fixture $374.40
23-0204-00 Vernier caliper lapping fixture—1"-24" standards with wood case $1,283.45
23-0108-00 Spindle concentricity checking fixture $617.75 
23-0113-00 Pint: Norton alumina lapping compound $39.90
23-0112-00 5-gram vial of No. 9 mesh diamond lapping compound $141.55

Prices effective October 1, 2012 subject to change.