Group 1 Universal Magnetic Base Holders

Group 1 Universal Magnetic Base Holders


These Universal Magnetic Bases may be used with any type dial indicator, including all AGD type dial indicators, back plunger indicators, test indicators and probes. The permanent magnetic base features an ON/OFF switch with a magnetic pull of 150 lbs. These units are also available with or without a fine adjust feature.

  • ON and OFF switch
  • 90 lb. magnetic pull
  • 3/8" diameter vertical column
  • 2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/4" base
  • Available with fine adjustment
  • 7" high post


Catalog #DescriptionPrice
59-0001-00 Universal Magnetic Base Holder with fine adjustment $27.30
59-0036-00 Universal Magnetic Base Holder $24.15

Prices effective October 1, 2012 subject to change.