Group 1 Digital Micrometer Set

Group 1 Digital Micrometer Set


Digital Micrometers offer some advantages over conventional micrometers. They almosteliminate errors in gaging and unskilled workers can measure their work accurately. Thimble and sleeve have conventional marking and may be used for measurements or toverify the counter reading.

  • Thumb lock and ratchet standard
  • Counter reading to .001"— vernier to .0001"
  • Carbide anvil and spindle faces are standard
  • Durable hammertone finish frame with heat insulating pads
  • Spindle hardened to Rc 60-61
  • Silver mist chrome finish head
  • Black lines & numbers on barrel and head for easy reading
  • Large digits on counter with a metal gear mechanism
  • Fast, easy zero adjustment
  • Checking standards included
  • Includes fitted case



Catalog #Range InchesReadingPrice
52-3013-00 0-3 Set .001"/.0001" DISC

Prices effective October 1, 2012 subject to change.