Group 1 Full Finish Micrometers

Group 1 Full Finish Micrometers


This micrometer has the feel, balance and all the important features desired by experienced craftsmen. Decimal equivalents are permanently stamped on both sides of the frame. Forged frame is designed for easy access into narrow spaces. This quality American made precision measuring instrument meets or exceeds government specification for accuracy.

  • Lock nut and ratchet stop standard.
  • Reading to .0001"
  • Carbide spindle & anvil faces standard
  • Decimal equivalents stamped on frame
  • Drop forged steel frame designed for easy access into narrow spaces
  • Spindle hardened to Rc 62 with lead error held to .00005"
  • Silver mist chrome finish frame and head
  • Black lines & numbers for easy reading
  • Fitted wood case available


Catalog #Range InchGraduation InchFacesPrice
01-0901-14 0-1 .001 Carbide $150.70
99-0151-00 Wood Case for 01-0901-14    $24.30
01-0902-14 1-2 .0001 Carbide $179.75
99-0152-00 Wood Case for 01-0902-14   $25.40

Prices effective October 1, 2012 subject to change.