7600 Series Video Inspection Systems

7600 Series Video Inspection Systems
Segmented Ring Light
Can be used sitting
Can also be used standing


The 7600 CNC horizontal video inspection system from S-T Industries features a granite base and independent X and Y axes. This design permits extremely high weight capacity without loss of measuring accuracy.


  • CNC control/M3 or QC5000 geometric software
  • 500 pound weight capacity
  • Use sitting or standing
  • Easy to load/unload
  • 12" x 6" x 6" XYZ stage travel
  • .00005"/.001mm resolution
  • LED lighting
  • Portable

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Click on the link below to watch videos about the 7600 Series Video Inspection System.


CNC motor control includes joystick control of stage motion and trackball for exact positioning.  Also includes Video Edge Detection and CNC motor control for automatic measurement.  Software includes auto-focus, auto light control, video edge tools and video overlay function.

M3 DRO provides easy to use programming control and fixed reporting capability.  Includes all feature types (point, line, circle, arc, distance, angle and skew), tolerancing and full feature graphic display.

QC5000 DRO is a PC based readout system with CAD-like user interface and unlimited feature and part program storage.  Features complete graphical part display and comprehensive reporting capability.

Horizontal CNC Video Inspection Systems (7600)

Catalog #Description
20-7680-33 7600 with M3 Measuring Software
20-7680-01 7600 with QC5000 Measuring Software

Staging Fixtures

Catalog #Description
20-0390-00 Right Angle Backing Plate
20-1005-24 Rotary Vise Fixture (Large)
20-2533-01 Stage Centers (Large)
20-2541-00 Vertical Glass Fixture (Large)
20-3623-00 Concentricity Fixture, 1.0" Capacity
20-3624-00 Concentricity Fixture, 2.0" Capacity
20-3630-00 Rotary V-Block
20-3631-00 Rotary Vise Fixture (Small)
20-3632-00 Stage Centers (Small)
20-3633-00 V-Blocks with Centers