The BG Direct bench gage utilizes various models of a dial or digital indicators. The indicator is protected from damage as it is enclosed beneath the gage itself. The bench gage rest plate is 3" x 5" hardened and ground steel which has a series of threaded holes. Special nesting rests or holding fixtures and clamps can be mounted to orient parts for measurement of specific dimensions.

The BG-2 bench gage utilizes a right angle movement that offers substantial benefits. The indicator, in a protective housing, is mounted above the rest plate in a position that minimizes operator eye movement. The gaging mechanism is reversible, retractable, has a 3" range of measurement travel and .075" of gaging travel. This gage is used as a basic fixture and nesting rests, and holding devices can be adapted and interchanged. Tooling and checking special parts is limited only to the resources and ingenuity of your engineering and/or inspection department.