• 4i9-005 Dial Indicator

    Jam Proof Dial Indicators

    Dorsey's high amplification dial indicators feature a shock proof "following" type jeweled movement utilizing the unique lever principle of amplification and lightweight low inertia segmented... Learn More

  • 1DM025-01 Dial Indicator

    Traditional Dial Indicators

    Dorsey's traditional rack and pinion dial indicators feature heavy duty forged bronze cases, massive gears and spindles and fully jeweled cartridge style movement. These indicators feature heat-... Learn More

  • Dial Inicating Units

    Dial Indicating Units

    Dorsey standard dial indicating units are designed to replace dial unit assemblies on old Standard Gage brand dial bore gages. The dial indicating units are offered in a wide range of both English... Learn More

  • IDS Digital Indicator

    Digital Indicators

    Dorsey offers the most popular styles of digital indicators to complement our gages. Contact us if your requirements are not met by these selections.

  • Internal hole attachment .81" depth
  • Gage Chek

    Gage Chek

    The Gage Chek is a multi-axis metrology display that accepts up to eight discrete inputs. It features intuitive visual displays, helpful audio cues and user-defined... Learn More
  • Accessories