• DBL Bore Gage

    DBL Series Bore Gages

    DBL bore gages are designed to be lightweight, versatile, accurate, and are ideal for toolroom and production applications. The DBL series bore gages feature two point gaging and three point... Learn More

  • DBM-1000 Setmaster

    Adjustable Bore Gage Setmasters

    Bore gages are comparator type instruments used to compare parts being manufactured (unknown sizes) to known dimensions. "Setting" the bore gage to a known dimension requires the use of a... Learn More

  • DBL Offset Bore Gages

    DBL Offset Series Bore Gages

    Offset bore gages are used during machining or jig grinding operations to avoid disturbing machine tool setup. Also used to avoid obstruction in measurement area. All DBL offset bore gages include... Learn More

  • Disc Master

    Disc Masters

    Disc masters are widley used for setting comparators, adjustable limit or dial snap gages, micrometers, etc. and for periodically checking these settings. Disc masters are recommended for setting... Learn More

  • Standard Bore Gages

    Standard Series Bore Gages

    Dial bore gages are used to quickly inspect hole diameter as well as to detect and measure all kinds of bore conditions such as taper, bell-mouth and out-of roundness. They in no way depend upon a... Learn More

  • Ring Master

    Ring Masters

    Ring gauges, often named ring masters, are used in applications where the effective part diameter must be inspected or where ring gauges are preferred because of consistent calibration they... Learn More

  • Internal Pitch Diameter Bore Gage

    Internal Pitch Diameter Bore Gages

    The Internal Pitch Diameter gage is ideally suited to check the internal pitch diameter of gears and splines. It can also be used to check any internal dimension where centralization is not... Learn More

  • PMA Setmaster

    PMA Series Adjustable Setmasters

    6" range and .50" fine adjustment

  • Indicating Plug Gage

    Indicating Plug Gages

    Dorsey’s indicating plug gages are used for repetitive bore measurement applications where extreme accuracy is important. These high accuracy gages often take the place of air or electronic bore... Learn More

  • RLBG Retractable Bore Gage

    RLBG Series Bore Gages

    The RLBG Series retractable bore gages are designed per application. They are primarily used to check deep holes where long retraction is required. Recess diameters and grooves can be checked for... Learn More

  • Easy Bore Series Bore Gage

    Easy Bore Series Bore Gages

    These rugged retractable bore gages are ideal for inspection on the shop floor or in the laboratory. They feature a series of 24 interchangeable heads and 2 handles to accommodate the complete... Learn More

  • Pin Type Bore Gage

    Pin Type Dial Bore Gages

    Pin type dial bore gages are an accurate, economical and versatile alternative to the ID micrometer. These gages do not reference or rest on a datum surface and are therefore ideally suited for... Learn More

  • Indicating Disc Gages

    Indicating Disc Gages

    Indicating disc gages are used to measure I.D.s or O.D.s around shafts and other obstructions such as grooves, stepped areas or boss type obstacles in the shaft area or any other configuration... Learn More

  • Universal Gage

    Universal Gage - ID/OD/Location Thickness

    Dorsey’s universal measuring gage was designed to combine our proven patented precision linear movement with a frame that accommodates a wide variety of contacts. This gage can precisely measure... Learn More

  • DYN Groove Gage

    DYN Groove Gages

    Dorsey's Dynamike Model DYN groove gage combines a patented ball bushing slide with a series of gaging arms to suit almost any application. Gaging contact retraction is accomplished by using... Learn More

  • DYS Groove Gage

    DYS Groove Gages

    Dorsey's Dynamike Model DYS groove gage combines a light weight, compact rigid cast frame and a patented ball bushing slide with a series of interchangeable gaging arms. This groove gage is... Learn More

  • Jaw Gage

    Jaw Gage

    The model J2 jaw gage features Dorsey’s proven precision lapped chrome/steel bushing in a rigid cast iron frame. A series of interchangeable contacts, and adjustable two axis rest stage along with... Learn More

  • Retractable Pin Gage

    Retractable Pin Gages

    Adjustable inside diameter pin gages are used to check straight bores, grooves, spherical radii, and spline and gear pitch diameters. A variety of interchangeable threaded contacts allows the gage... Learn More

  • Versatile Snap Gage

    Versatile Snap Gage

    Measuring balls and other spherical items is one of the most popular applications of the Versatile Snap Gage. Two snap gage frames, 0-1" (Part #48554) and 1"-2" (Part #48555) cover... Learn More

  • SDN Snap Gage

    SDN Style Snap Gages

    This rugged snap gage features a precision box-way range adjustment channel to protect the anvil shafts and maximize frame clearance.

  • SSG Snap Gage

    SSG Style Snap Gages

    This design of rugged production line snap gages has been the industry standard for more than 50 years. Dorsey offers this easily adjusted snap gage built to the same exacting specifications and... Learn More

  • Long Range SSG Snap Gage

    Long Range Snap Gages

    Dorsey's long range snap gages feature .50" / .12mm of gaging travel and are used to replace many fixed disc setmasters. This option can be fitted to either the SDN or SSG snap gages... Learn More

  • CS Style Adjustable Snap Gage

    Adjustable Limit Snap Gages

    Adjustable limit snap gages are an economical choice for the go/no go measurement of outside diameters or thicknesses. They are also known as AGD snap gages. Frames are machines from stabilized... Learn More

  • Thread Gage

    Plug, Pin, Thread Gages

    Plug gages are manufactured in three basic AGD styles. Wire type, also known as pin gages, taper lock and trilock. These styles offer a choice of wire type or taper lock gages in small range,... Learn More

  • BC1 Bench Comparator

    BC Universal ID/OD Bench Comparators

    This comparator offers 2 or 3 point measurements for both ID and OD on one benchtop plate. Features include two or three point measurement, linear ball bushing movement and a wide range of... Learn More