• DBM-1000 Setmaster

    Adjustable Bore Gage Setmasters

    Bore gages are comparator type instruments used to compare parts being manufactured (unknown sizes) to known dimensions. "Setting" the bore gage to a known dimension requires the use of a... Learn More

  • Disc Master

    Disc Masters

    Disc masters are widley used for setting comparators, adjustable limit or dial snap gages, micrometers, etc. and for periodically checking these settings. Disc masters are recommended for setting... Learn More

  • Ring Master

    Ring Masters

    Ring gauges, often named ring masters, are used in applications where the effective part diameter must be inspected or where ring gauges are preferred because of consistent calibration they... Learn More

  • PMA Setmaster

    PMA Series Adjustable Setmasters

    6" range and .50" fine adjustment

  • SMA Setmaster

    SMA Setmasters

    SMA Series setmasters feature a precision ground steel rail as the rigid foundation for adjustability. These masters can be continuously reset for various dimensions or they can be set, sealed,... Learn More

  • SMF Setmaster

    SMF Series Fixed Frame Setmaster

    SMF Series setmasters are designed to be used in a production environment where a specific set size is required. These masters use solid steel rails with precision ground end blocks bolted and... Learn More

  • SMVA Setmaster

    SMVA Setmasters

    SMVA setmasters offer the same features as the SMA Series setmasters except that they allow for vertical adjustment to accommodate various gaging depths. Adjustable hardened rest plates... Learn More

  • SSM Setmaster

    SSM Series Solid Frame Setmaster

    Solid setmasters are ground to a specific size and are not adjustable. The is type of setmaster is recommended for use when the part tolerance is less than .002". The base can be made from tubular... Learn More