The Gage Chek is a multi-axis metrology display that accepts up to eight discrete inputs. It features intuitive visual displays, helpful audio cues and user-defined formulas. It also reports dynamic min/max measurements, provides SPC analysis from an integrated database and includes connectivity to PCs and other peripherals.

Gage Chek Features:

Visual Feedback

A highly visible, intuitive and familiar interface with standard color cues. Instantly informs operators of pass/fail performance details for critical part dimensions.

Integrated SPC database

Store, retrieve and manage enormous amounts of measurement data on the shop floor, check quality control of each gauge and share information locally and globally.


Up to 16 output channels apply mathematical formulas to measurement data for on-the-spot part analysis.

Gage-Chek DisplayGage-Chek SPC DatabaseGage-Chek Formulas
Gage-Chek With Sensors

Options and accessories

  • Foot switch for remote operation
  • Keypad for remote operation
  • RS-232 cable without crossed cable wiring for communication with computers
  • Arm-mounting bracket and bracket adapter for mounting the Gage-Chek on vertical surfaces

Dimension histograms for SPC subgroups of one

The dimension histogram screen displays histograms of values for up to 16 dimensions. The dimension histogram screens are displayed for SPC subgroups of one.

The display of a single dimension also shows the total range and mean of the values.

Gage-Chek With Histogram
Gage-Chek Side View

Front Panel Keys and LCD Screens

The Gage-Chek combines front panel keys and color LCD screens to provide a simple, intuitive operator interface for setting up and conducting measurements, and for reviewing measurement data and SPC information.

Gage Chek Overview

The Gage Chek is an advanced digital readout system for performing single or multiple gage measurements at very high level of precision and accuracy. Dimensional inspection of components are performed using encoders or transducers as part of in-line production activities, or final quality inspection. Measurements are conducted completely under operator control, or are semi-automated and conducted in conjunction with a fixtured gage system.

The Gage Chek is configured to support

  • 1,4 or 8 single-input channels, or
  • Up to 16 multiplexed RS-232 input channels, or
  • Combination of single-input channels and multiplexed RS-232 input channels for a total of up to 16 channels

Channel inputs can be algebraically combined or processed by powerful math and control formulas to display dimensions such as flatness, volume and runout. Formulas are created as part of the Gage Chek setup using straightforward screen control and math functions

Gage Chek Specifications
LCD5.0" Color
Resolution Down To0.000004" or 0.0001mm
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity90% rh
Enclosure (W x H x D)11.5" x 7.5" x 2.75"
Dase (W x H x D)10" x 2" x 7.5"
Enclosure Weight3.5 lbs
Base Weight7 lbs
Power Voltage Range85V AC to 264V AC
Power Frequency Range43Hz to 63Hz
Fuse1.6A 250V Slow Blow 5 x 20mm