Dial bore gages are used to quickly inspect hole diameter as well as to detect and measure all kinds of bore conditions such as taper, bell-mouth and out-of roundness. They in no way depend upon a sense of "feel" as is the case with non-indicating types. Machine operators find our bore gages to be particularly useful in making quick, accurate adjustments to bring work-pieces within tolerance. In this application, the reading on the dial tells the exact amount of tool correction needed and eliminates uncertain, "creep-up" methods of making adjustments.

The reliable accuracy for which these standard bore gages are known is due to a delicately responsive gaging plunger and a positive centralizing mechanism that correctly positions the gage in the bore. After setting to a master, diametral measurements are obtained by rocking the gage in the bore and noting the greatest deflection of the dial hand.

The regular type dial bore gage is intended for the usual situation where there is ample space in front of the bore opening. For gaging in restricted spaces, or to facilitate reading where other limitations are imposed, additional standard bore gage styles are available. If your application require additional range extension, please contact us for quotation.